There are only some limited dresses, which catch your attention when you visit a mall or even browse through an online store. Your eyes will cover the prettiest designs and gleam in fascination. The collection of Intermix is similar to these splendid outfits. Get in style and wear the clothes, which only few people get the chance to show off. Presenting you the transformation worthy dresses, which are going to give you a quick makeover.



Wild Thing Suede Fringe Sandal: Clementine

How can a pair of shoes look so perfect and desirable? That is the magical factor which makes the Clementine look unique in a crowd of other sandals. It is not just an ordinary addition to your outfit, but a surefire way to ensure that the dress you match it with; upgrades instantly! Such is the beauty of a well-designed and strategically detailed statement piece. With a 4 1/2" heel and tassled ties, be sure to fall in love with these Wild Thing Suede Sandals.

Yulia Neon Cut Out Dress

A dress, which is made with the utmost dedication, only for you! The magical connection with this dress is going to make you a lover of prints. It is full of textures and great quality fabric; all of which compile to make a fabulous outfit. It gives a traditional touch as the print is going to make you remind of bohemian era. To add a cherry on the top, the cuts of this dress are to die for. It comes with a strapless sleeve design and has cut outs around the waistline. You would never have seen such an amazing one piece, which you may shop with Intermix coupons.

Mallarino Chiara Earrings

Classy, delicate and totally irresistible. Have you ever felt the need to accessorize your special occasion outfits. Well, now the need is clear. The Mallarino Chiara earrings are a beauty in itself. The 24-karat gold-vermeil earring is sure to make the crowd go crazy. Carefully plan the event and day when you would showcase these perfect beauties. Look elegant and poised by wearing such intricately designed jewelry. You wont even have to spend a fortune on your shopping extravaganza! By availing the Intermix coupons facility, one may be sure of a great fashion statement.