At Bellacor, we believe that home is the heart to happiness. If a house has a comfortable feel to it, then it can affect a person’s mood to a great extent. is a home furnishing online store which provides a wide variety of fixtures and fittings, furniture and other lighting materials to decorate a house or other building. Customers can easily get discounted prices for their items by using Bellacor coupon codes and Bellacor promotional codes. They can even get discounts as high as 80%.

The lighting of the house also matters a lot because it can either give a calm and peaceful look to the place or can get too flashy. It all depends on the preferences of the customers. Also, different rooms require different type of lighting. If we talk about ceiling lighting, chandeliers are the most beautiful and ethereal form of lighting and they can even change the complete look of a room. Chandeliers can change an ordinary room into extraordinary. Moreover, pendant lighting is also used at homes as it provides a more comfortable feel to the house. Moreover, flush and semi-flush lighting include bulbs and outer fixtures which provide lighting to the whole room. Track lighting is more of a spotlight kind of lighting which is mostly used for art rooms or a room which requires a special kind off lighting. Different kinds of wall lightings are also available as well as lamps and lighting accessories. For further benefits, use Bellacor promotional codes and coupon codes for reduction in the prices of products.

If a person wants to redecorate their house, then changing the furniture will also give the house a new feel. At, the most stylish and durable furniture is available for all areas of the house.  For the living room, sofas, ottomans and tables are provided in various designs which will compliment your entire room. Kitchen supplies are various and they are not easily available but at, we provide all types of kitchen equipments and furniture. For the bedroom and bathroom, you can customize the furniture according to your own choice as they are the main rooms of the house where most of the time is spent by the house members. Therefore, it requires having the most comfortable and durable furniture. One can even make their own home office as provides the required materials for setting up an office place at the comfort of one’s own house. Not only that, but we also provide a source of entertainment to all our customers. Supplies for a game room, home entertainment and a bar are all available at our website.  All of this can be availed at a reduced price, just by using Bellacor coupon codes and Bellacor promo codes.

The décor of each room is also specifically offered by us which includes different accessories for each area of the house. If you are confused about any décor questions, we may also assist you by giving suggestions about various color themes or designs. Bellacor is a large company but it gives a personal service to its customers and supplies hand selected products so that each person can be truly satisfied by our service.