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Millions of tourists arrive in London each year. The purpose of their stay may vary as each person would have their own preferences. Some visit their family for the holidays; others may come for sightseeing the beauty of London. There are a few who come for business purposes and also stay for a few days to roam around at the popular places. London has many attractive tourist spots which are especially visited by those who come to London for the first time. To make their stay better, The London Pass Company offers a unique facility for tourists which can get them free entry into the famous tourist attractions without having to wait in long queues. Save huge amounts of money by using the London Pass voucher code and the London Pass discount code.

At London Pass, we will become your guide to experience the best parts of London. We will provide you with the most popular and liked places in London by tourists all over the world!
Some of the best sightseeing attractions are listed below which are the specialties of London.

  • Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • Thames River Cruise
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Windsor Castle
  • London Zoo
  • Kensington Palace
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich
  • Churchill war rooms

These are just some places which can be visited by tourists in London.

Fast Track Entry System
London is not just a place for its residents, but it is also filled by the vast amount of tourists which form long queues outside the popular places. Therefore it is the luck of some people who can effortlessly visit their desired places because most of the people have to do a lot of struggle. At The London Pass, we offer our customers the facility of getting privileges over the other tourists. They can get a fast and immediate entry into the places just by showing their London pass. These people can skip the long hours which are wasted while waiting for their turn. Especially during the summer months, the crowd at London can increase so we give this privilege to our customers.

Save time and reduce stress
At The London Pass, we offer a huge facility to save your precious time. You can also lessen the levels of your stress by not having to worry anymore about your London sightseeing experience. London Pass voucher code and the London Pass discount code can further make you save your cost as well as your overall traveling.

Oyster Card Service
While coming to London, tourists often fear that they will have to pay enormous amounts of money for their traveling issues. The cost of traveling in London is very high. To solve this issue, The London Pass offers its customers with the Oyster card service which covers all their travelling costs and issues. Customers can save their money on their traveling as Oyster provides them with the cheapest way to travel across London. If you view the costs of a London bus journey and an underground service, then you will get to know that traveling is quite expensive in London. However, we cover many areas of London through the card and tourists can easily enjoy their sightseeing experience. You can easily top up your London Pass from one of our stations, if you run out of credit.