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Top 10 Pets Safety Tips in Hot And Cold Weather





Want to know what’s best for your pets when mercury dives down or hits high but can’t think or wait 'what can I do to make my pets feel nourished in everyday routine? 'well, luckily, you have clicked on the right article because today we are going to tell you some super tips to keep your pets safe in hot and cold weather, so let’s hop into it!


Even the healthier pets can suffer from getting overheated and dehydrated. Summer can be a great time to have fun with your pets. But higher temperatures bring higher risks along with them for both humans and pets. Pets do not sweat as we do being humans, and it might cause them to get overheated very quickly. If you fear your dog, cat or other pets are hit by a heat stroke, consult the vet right away. 


Here are some of the top Pets safety Tips to take full care of your pets in hot and cold seasons:





1. Don’t leave your Pet in Car


It’s not surprising that this is included in this category because this must be applied every day. The main reason why you shouldn’t leave your pet in the car is that when you close the car in the hot weather, the heat traps in this closed area which leads to a lack of oxygen and this can easily cause serious damage and even death! So, think twice before letting your pet sit alone in the car, safety first! It is possible the temperatures jump around twenty degrees within thirty minutes of heat exposure in cars. So beware about the temperature differentials when your pets left in cars. 


2. Keep your pet hydrated at all times


Dogs need enough water each day for a refreshed and healthy body. Water maintains the pet’s body temperature, helps in waste removal and assists digestion. Usually, dogs get dehydrated when they are playing outdoors, running and jumping and when they get stressed, so it’s always good to refill water for your precious furry friends. 


3. Know the Signs of Over-Heating 


It’s very important to know if your pet is overheating, so here are some signs to jot down for perfect pet care and pets safety tips:





Redness of tongue and gums

Continuous drooling


Heavy panting

If these signs match your pet, then carefully take them in a cool or air-conditioned room and put wet towels on them. Don’t force it to drink water, only if it’s willing to. Better take it to the vet if necessary.


It is best if you also keep your pets’ paws way from hot pavement or any surface which is not a suitable temperature for your pet’s sensitive feet.


4. Keep their Paws away from hot pavements 


Everyone enjoys taking their pets out for walks. Walking is not only healthy for your pets but also for yourself too. But always be careful in dog days! And, never forget to keep note of the fact that the hot surfaces can really burn the paws of pets too! So don’t let their paws burn out of ignorance, and beware of asphalt and cement surfaces, in particular, can cause health hazards to them. So better keep your pets on grass, moisturize their paws with paw balm or paws puppy pads. Think about designing a safe walking program for your pets in summers. 





5. Keep Pets Indoors


It’s a good idea to keep pets indoors on a cold and chilly day, especially when it’s snowing to protect them from the cold wind and breezes. It’s mainly because of extreme temperatures, but of course, it depends on the weather. It’s even more unsafe for weak or tiny pets like birds, rabbits, squirrels, chicks, guinea pigs, chinchillas or hamsters to go outdoors in this weather because they can easily be affected or they could even die! You don’t want that to happen! Frostbite in extreme cold, hypothermia due to long exposure in cold outside, freezing water bowls outside in cold could even become fatal to your pets. 


6. Tap on the Hood of Car before starting its engine and slightly open the windows for ventilation 


Now you might be wondering, why is it really necessary to tap on the hood of the car before starting it? 


Here’s why!


During the winter season, cats tend to go inside the car, where the engine is in order to stay warm. Cats use this as a heating system to prevent getting cold because they have now where else to go in order to feel that heat. If you start the car with the cat still inside, things can go horribly wrong. The engines start vibrating and moving and the system starts to heat up so much that it will now be unbearable for the cat to resist the heat and you know what’s going to happen. This can lead to death even in such cold weather. Before actually starting the car, tap on the hood, make some noise (not too much), check under and around the car, honk the car horn a few times and if a cat actually comes out, that means that you just saved a cat’s life! Be aware of this problem, because occasionally, cats can go in the hood of a car during the summer season, even though it’s not cold because they sometimes hide to feel safe and secure. In conclusion, cats hide in the hood of a car to stay warm during the winter season and cool in the summer season.


Cats, in my opinion, have a lazy and dependent personality so it’s better to keep an eye on them. Open the windows, just a little bit to let the fresh and cooling breeze flow through the air until it reaches your beloved cat’s eyes so they could snooze for a little bit. 


 7. Take Special Care of your Pets during the Winter Season 


Dogs and cats, like humans, feel cold during the winter season, especially during mid of December and January, we can’t give them hot cocoa but we can give them hot meals. During the cold, freezing, and icy winter season, its best to keep pets like rabbits, cats, dogs, and hamsters indoors. Dog, and maybe even cats, should wear warm and dry coats and you should give them hot meals to boost up their energy and to forget the freezing side of winter.


8. Protect Dogs and Cats with a Dry Coat to keep them Warm 


As mentioned before, it’s a good idea to cover pets like cats and dogs with a warm and dry coat to keep them warm in the exceptionally cold days. And again, to prevent the funny business going on in the hood of your car, keep cats indoors and think what’s best for them.


9. Check and Wipe their Paws


We never know what’s happening under the glorious paws of our beloved pets, so it’s no 

harm to check and wipe when necessary. During the chilly weather, dogs usually get scrapes and cuts on their paws and they usually get dry and scruffy. So you should always treat the problems that your pets have because you don’t want them to be uncomfortable all winter. If the paws are dry then put some Vaseline on a cloth and wipe the feet to prevent too much dryness, just make sure to keep them away from slippery surfaces and don’t let them lick the Vaseline!


If you want to take right care of your dogs and want to make sure their health and food necessities then you should know the right places to purchase their stuff at the best discounted deals. The online shops provide great convenience in getting pets’ stuff timely and cost-effective way and knowing the right place is highly recommended to keep abreast of the latest solutions for your Pets safety tips and their food, safety and health. 


10. Play with your Pets 


Despite being too heedful about Pets Safety Tips remember that Life is short and it’s going to end for the pets sometime soon maybe, so why not cherish the lovely and memorable times with them by spending some time with them and involving your family members as well. 


Here are some hilarious but fun ways to play with them and simultaneously get them off the extreme weather effects:


CATS: give them a yarn ball, pet them, give them their favorite food and see the way they are enjoying!


DOGS: play fetch with them, give them doggie snacks to appreciate them and have a dance party! Want to read more about dogs’ Yes/No eating foods’ list, refer to our detailed another article about the same. It will enrich your knowledge about your pets a lot. 


RABBITS: just look at them and pet them, there not always the most playful or fun pets, but they are worth adopting!


There are so many different pets around the world and some very exotic ones like the news of a man keeping polar bears! Don’t do that, stay safe and as always, enjoy! And, if you want to be a truly responsible pet owner and take the right care of them in all weathers and circumstances, then you need to be well aware of their veterinary requirements in a professional manner. Always stay assisted from reliable sources of information to fulfill veterinary needs for the animal welfare and their safety needs. It is also recommended to visit a vet in changing seasons for early summer or winter checkups. You can also take care of community cats, outdoor stray dogs and never shy away from donating for the animals and encourage your friends as well.


Finally, be informed of the local laws about animal rights which might prohibit you from leaving your pets unattended in vehicles or under extreme conditions leading to possibilities that you could be charged with a crime. According to ASPCA, if you see a dog outside without a shelter! You need to contact local law enforcement, as it is considered to be a misdemeanor crime in all the 50 states in the USA.