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Top Ten Essentials For Camping & Hiking in 2019



There are so many activities that you love to do but some are more liked than others. CAMPING AND HIKING! If you are thinking about doing these activities, then before planning the activity, you need to arrange Camping and Hiking MUST-HAVES with you.

While you are camping with kids, family, or friends always appreciate nature, wildlife and conservation. If you encounter animals, make sure you are well prepared to protect yourself and the animals.

In our view, below list of essentials will keep you tight and firm to enjoy your outdoor activities in a really perfect manner.


1.   TENTS


There are so many tents to choose from, some are big and some are small but luckily today we are going to tell you about the best tents ever!  THE NORTH FACE TALUS 3 PERSON TENT. Tent with almost 5 stars, it is capable to fit 3 people(so the third wheel won't feel awkward at all), features 2 doors and vestibules for easy access and extra storage, high-low ventilation for better breathing and enough space for you to relax.           




 The MARMOT TRESTLES REGULAR SLEEPING BAG-COBALT BLUE is the perfect way to sleep peacefully in the middle of nowhere and if you want, you can definitely pair it up with the KLYMIT PILLOW X LARGE. The sleeping bag features a hood to keep you nice and warm, a stash pocket, fold-down second zipper for easy access and ventilation and its warmth and comfortability will surely make you say 'it was worth buying!'




How can you go camping or hiking without the VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY CAMPER-RED. It will always be by your side to cut ropes, twigs, and fruits and it has lots of tools to camp in ease. It consists of tools like tweezers, keyring, cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper, wood saw, small blade, large blade, corkscrew, toothpick, reamer, and a can opener. That's simply astounding!




Don't want to stress about the quality of your shoes? well don't because now you can buy the SALOMON WOMEN'S Outbound GTX HIKING SHOES for women and the MERRELL MEN'S ONTARIO MID HIKING BOOTS for men. These shoes provide comfortability, they are slip-free, efficient and are useful for taking on hikes even on a rough or slippery trail.




There's always a time where you have an upset stomach, scratches, blisters, bruises or who knows what, so why not consider to buy the ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS MOUNTAIN BACKPACKER KIT to be well-prepared for any emergency. It has all the essentials that adventurers need for allergies, pain, headaches, etc. You never know if you accidentally fall in the middle of a rough track. Safety first!




Want a sturdy water bottle to take with you on a rough journey? then why not choose to take the HYDRO FLASK 40 oz WIDE MOUTH WATER BOTTLE. This first-class bottle will make sure that you have cold water and hot water whenever you like.




If its your first time out in the wilderness, then be sure to purchase the OUTDOOR SAFETY AND SURVIVAL GUIDEbook and learn to survive in a jungle full of bears and wild animals. This book could save your life!




Lighting is extremely useful when it comes to outdoor life. The BLACK DIAMOND STORM HEADLAMP is made for any situation, from climbing, hiking, camping, to reading in bed. It is completely sealed from any dust and water and is protected from elements on wet and rugged adventures. It is not only great for the outdoors but it is also very helpful for indoor use.


9.   GAMES


Have fun in the sun with the OUTSIDE INSIDE BACKPACK CHECKERS! This includes magnetic game pieces and a folding board. It is portable which means that you can take it on any trip you want and you can play with it indoors as well, cool!


10.                 DAY PACKS FOR THE DAY OUT

Minimize all your essentials in the OSPREY HIKE LITE 26L BACKPACK which includes mesh side pockets and scratch resistant pockets so feel free to put in sunglasses and any other tips and bits. Rain won't matter because all your stuff will be safe and sound and it fits loads of stuff!

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Well, that's it. This 10 must-haves will surely help you get the most out of your planned camping and hiking activity and to make yours’s and your friends' day out seamless.