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FlowersCarnies and Ghosts and Villains, Oh My! 13 Scary Halloween Ideas for Throwing the Best Party Ever

 13 Scary Halloween Ideas for Throwing the Best Party Ever


If you're on the hunt for the best Halloween ideas, you're in the right place. Click here and check out this blog post for some much-needed inspiration!

Halloween's just around the corner, and we know many are scrambling to transform their cozy abode into a haunted mansion, creepy laboratory or frightening maze.

But you don't want your get-together to be another stereotypical night out. So what does it take to throw the best Halloween party ever?

Let's put those eerie pumpkins, flying bats and fake blood to good use with these 13 scary Halloween ideas and make this year's event the most memorable and special.


1. Day of the Dead

In the US, citizens celebrate Halloween with pumpkin carving, hayrides, and trick or treating. In other areas of the globe, however, this holiday is celebrated much differently.

The Day of the Dead (also called Dia de Los Muertos) originated in Mexico. It was the consequence of Aztec culture mixing with Catholicism and Christianity to create a day where the dead were honored. The tradition was brought to Latin America and Mexico by Spanish conquistadors.

This Halloween theme allows for some easy Halloween costume ideas.

During Dia de Los Muertos, skeletons and bursts of the color line the streets. Women and men alike revel in parades, create altars for loved ones and wear makeup to honor the dead.

Rather than sticking to the regular American Halloween custom, why not add some flair and cultural traditions into your party? A Day of the Dead theme means:

  • Lots of bright colors
  • Skeletons
  • Candles
  • Flowers

Furthermore, makeup options are incredibly fun to apply. For those who are clumsy with brushes, fear not: Spirit Halloween offers face tattoo decals that will look just as authentic. You and your loved ones will feel the true SPIRIT of this Halloween.


2. Classic Movie Night

No one can go wrong with a party encouraging anything and everything from classic Halloween films.

Guests traipse in dressed as your favorite Ghostbusters, characters from "Hocus Pocus" or maybe even Jack Skeleton. These Halloween costumes are easy to come by and make for an entertaining party.

And the decoration possibilities are endless. Tie up red balloons from Stephen King's "It." Put "The Blair Witch Project" stick figures on the walls and have the televisions playing the videotape from "The Ring" for good measure.

But what's truly great about this theme is its versatility.

Use decorations from PG movies for a more family-friendly environment.


3. Family Fun

A Halloween party doesn't have to be solely for adults. Hosts can have a grand time planning parties for other parents and children, too.

For this type of get-together, encourage family costumes. Luckily, there are tons to choose from:

  • The Incredibles
  • "Harry Potter" characters
  • "Scooby-Doo" cosplay
  • Individuals from "Coco"
  • And many more

Add some fun activities for the kids and parents. Youngsters love Monster Freeze and Wrap the Mummy, but give the adults their fun, too. Add in a fortune teller, some karaoke or a good, old-fashioned fire pit over which adults can share scary stories.

Don't forget the food! Butterbeer, creepy-crawly snacks and more are excellent ideas to spice up the atmosphere.

This theme is creepy enough that kids will intermittently howl when they eat the eyeball marshmallows and laugh aloud as they battle with their favorite characters.


4. Murder Mystery

The butler did it!

If you really want to create an unforgettable Halloween experience, consider a murder mystery.

This takes ample planning, but instructions and character sheets can be created yourself or purchased. Plan an extravagant feast (complete with jack o' lanterns and candles, of course) and consider adding a supernatural twist to fit the holiday.

Murder mysteries make for easy Halloween costumes because individuals can play parts that they "create" from home: the maid, the butler, an individual who is secretly a vampire . . .

Trust us when we say no one will forget your spooky Halloween bash anytime soon.


5. Haunted House

haunted house is spectacular and creepy within itself. But if it's done correctly, your guests will have the fright of their lives.

Decorate with all the essential spookiness:

  • Cobwebs
  • Creepy music or background noise
  • Black lights and darkened rooms
  • Mist
  • Fake tombstones and corpses

Enlist a few close friends or relatives to hide in the house as scarers.

Don't forget the parlor tricks. Use projectors to add spooky videos on the walls and magnets or fishing line to make stuff move on its own.

But a one-time run-through gets boring very quickly. Add in a scavenger hunt to keep groups active and to force them to investigate every nook and cranny.


6. Pagan Ways

Why is Halloween celebrated? Most people know Halloween derives from "pagan rituals," but it was first introduced by the Celts.

About 2,000 years ago, November's cold brought death with it. It was thus viewed with trepidation. The Celts believed that Hallow's Eve, October 31, was a day when the souls of the dead wandered the Earth, damaging crops.

However, the blurred boundaries between life and death made it easier for Celtic druids to form predictions for the winter. Therefore, groups would create bonfires, sacrifice animals, wear costumes and even demand contributions from neighbors.

If you love history, consider adding the Celtic tradition to your backyard. Create a blazing bonfire and grill burgers and other meat for guests. Line the area with jack o' lanterns and tell your guests to dress up as famous mythological beasts or Halloween creatures to confuse the dead that comes out to play.


7. Teng Chieh

Do you want a Halloween party that's beautiful and mystical all at once? Consider a Teng Chieh theme.

In China, Teng Chieh--or the Ghost Festival--occurs on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. It's said on this day ghosts from hell roam the streets, seeking entertainment.

To make your party jive with this interesting theme, hang lotus-shaped, lit lanterns and decorate with paper origami. Light incense, create altars for loved ones with food offerings and include rice for guests to throw into the air.

During Teng Chieh, no one is allowed to wear red, take selfies or eat the offerings for fear of disrespecting the dead.

To give the party a festive air, consider Chinese-themed costumes.


8. Halloween Harvest

Are you more of an outside person? If so, a Halloween harvest theme may be just what you're looking for. Decorations and fun Halloween activities are plentiful with this party type:

  • Corn Mazes
  • Pumpkin carving contests
  • Apple bobbing
  • Scavenger hunts

If you want a laid-back party where everyone can relax and bring the kids, this is the type of you. Of course, costumes are welcome, but adults unwilling to join in on the fun can always wear flannel.


9. Scary Anime

Anime is in, and there are tons of horror series individuals can choose from. Come dressed up as your favorite character or have group costumes.

Some popular series include:

  • "Deathnote"
  • "Blood +"
  • "Attack on Titan"

Ezcocosplay has tons to choose from so guests won't be forced to make their own attire.

Include some popular anime songs in your playlist and embrace the Japanese culture. Karaoke, bento boxes, and anime-themed foods and drinks are a must.


10. Superheroes Unite

Not all parties have to tie back into a Halloween origin story. Mix it up by having a party all about superhero origin stories.

Everyone can dress like their favorites or (for a more creative twist) create a costume based on who they would be if they were a superhero.

Hero and villain costumes alike are easy to find at a local Halloween store or you can shop at discounted prices online. And if you're worried about decorations, don't. There are ample choices:

  • Superhero balloons
  • City lights backgrounds
  • Photocopied comic book pages

The versatility makes this type a quick party that hosts can whip up in a Flash (pun intended).

Want a scary twist? Require all guests to come as their favorite villain.


11. Monster Mash

No Halloween haunt is complete without a mummy, werewolf or the countless other monsters who have made horror history.

Why not have them all meet face-to-face? Spice up rooms in the house to reflect some of the best settings from novels and horror movies, such as Frankenstein's laboratory or Dracula's mansion.

And if a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man comes waltzing through the door, so be it.


12. Carnival Crash

Clowns are only popular nowadays during Halloween season when they can be seen as terrifying children and adults across the world.

Think of circus here, not just the marry go round! Create the illusion of a tent or actually erect a large tent outside. String those leftover Christmas lights across the ceilings and use lots of red and white.

Ask guests to come dressed as the most terrifying carny of their life, they can imagine.


13. Black and White Party

Would you prefer a more formal setting? If so, consider a black and white party. 

With this theme, everything at the party is black and white, and the dress (of course) is colorless.

Have Poe's ravens watching over your guests along with skulls, bats and balloons. If you want a party that is classy and creepy, there's no other theme that can compare.

Even better, possibilities for inexpensive decorations and costumes are limitless.


Need Other Halloween Ideas?

If you need some Halloween ideas for your upcoming party, we have you covered. From the best decorations to the creepiest costumes, our stores have everything you need--and with the discounts, you desire, offers you want and deals you dream.

Break out the ruby red shoes and witches brew and check out our recent blog post to find six other tips for the perfect Halloween party.

It'll be spooktacular!


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