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Shopping Premium Jewellery : Blue Nile Review

Shopping Premium Jewelry: Blue Nile Review

Blue Nile has surfaced recently as one of the more popular places to buy diamonds. They are host to a huge selection, a variety of prices, and more. Their offerings include Blue Nile Engagement Rings, Necklaces, and Blue Nile Earings. That being said, every company has its pros and cons, and buying a diamond is a huge decision.

We'll cover a few of the most important aspects of Blue Nile, in this article. When buying a diamond, you need to consider things like price, ethics, style, design, and financing. You'll find all of this in our Blue Nile review.


Blue Nile Review


No diamond company is going to be perfect for everybody. That doesn't mean that some companies don't have options for more people than others. Blue Nile is certainly one of these wide-reaching companies.


Pros of Shopping With Blue Nile


Blue Nile is host to over 175,000 diamonds that you can choose. This is head and shoulders above most companies out there, and you will certainly be able to find an option that suits your needs. Additionally, there are high-end options as well as low-end ones.

Many companies only cater to extremely high paying customers, while others tend to stick to the low-end. This leaves a gap for those who aren't lavishly wealthy but still want a high-quality diamond. Blue Nile fills that gap for you and even matches the prices of other stores if you find a comparable diamond there for lower. 

They offer 360-degree videos for all of their signature diamonds, giving you the opportunity to see, in detail, the finer parts of the diamond that you're going to purchase. This is nice because most sites only offer a few photos and description.

A huge appeal of Blue Nile Diamonds is that their site is conflict-free, meaning that the diamonds they use are not attained through the use of force or war. You're also in luck because, with so many diamonds to choose from, they also offer other stones. Pearls, jewelry, and gemstones are also on the table.


Cons of Shopping With Blue Nile


Now it's time to move on to some of the disadvantages of shopping with Blue Nile. Because there are so many diamonds in their inventory, it appears that sometimes their photo quality is sub-par. While signature diamonds have 360 format of videos, most other diamonds are limited to simple photographs.

Another thing to note is that the packaging is relatively cheap. On the same note, if the package doesn't arrive and the item was over 500 dollars, the process of getting a return and refund can be very lengthy. Seeing as most jewelry of this kind is likely to be over 500 dollars, this may be an issue.

A final thing to note is that the company charges 25 dollars to do any engravings, while many other companies have this option included in the sale price. 


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