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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Buying Discount Workout Clothes

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Buying Discount Workout Clothes and Sportswear

Did you know wearing the right workout gear increases your likelihood of actually working out?

Even more, reason to buy workout clothes! Many people clearly feel this way as the worldwide activewear industry is worth $270 billion.

However, that doesn't mean you need to break the bank in order to look good while exercising.

There are many ways in which you can save money, buy cheaper workout clothes and feel motivated to go to the gym.

Make sure to read this guide for tips on how to find discount workout clothes.

1. Go Through Your Wardrobe & Ask Friends

Many of us have dozens of clothes in our wardrobe which we don't wear. So, before you even start purchasing new clothes, go through your old ones to see if anything can be repurposed.

But, alternatively, you may also want to ask family and friends to think of you when they're throwing workout clothes away. 

2. Keep an Eye Out for Coupons and Sales!

I always save money with online shopping. But, rather than buying something I love straight away, I'll keep my favorite items in an online bag to wait for the sales.

If sales don't come around fast enough, a great way to save money and find the best affordable workout clothes is to check out coupon options online.

Websites such as the ones below are particularly great for finding cheap workout clothes:


Clothing Under 10

Styles for Less


Blue Tomato


By regularly checking out the PromotionCodesFor website, you'll easily be able to find coupons for cheap workout gear too.

3. Avoid Name-Brand Workout Gear

There's nothing that puts a bigger dent in your budget than name brands. And often, you won't notice a difference anyway.

They're only going to get sweaty, whether they're high street or name-brand!

Be clever with your purchases and make sure the material and fit is comfortable. If they don't feel comfy after wearing them around the house for an hour, make sure to send them back!

4. Invest in the Right Shoe

If your ultimate goal is to save money, then buying budget (but comfortable) running pants and t-shirts is great.

However, if you skimp on your shoes, you may be paying the price in later life... in medical bills.

Buying the wrong shoe that's cheap and ill-fitting can actually mean you need to buy more in the future. This definitely doesn't save you money.

So, make sure to invest in the right items to save over time. When investing, you need to work out exactly what you need before you start spending.

For example, do you play tennis or do you run? Are you a dancer or a football player? This can make all the difference.

Once you're sure of the type of shoe you need to buy -- start researching. Reviews and recommendations are often a reliable way of finding the best item to purchase.

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Stick to Dark Colors for Discount Workout Clothes

Finally, remember that it's the gym - not a runway. So long as you're appropriately dressed, you're good to go.

My ultimate advice for buying discount workout clothes is to stick to dark colors. That way, no one can even tell that they're budget.

Better yet, you'll also be able to hide those sweat marks left from a kickass workout. Meanwhile, knowing you're also saving money and looking great.

What are your tips for buying budget workout clothes? Please, let us know.