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How to Become Fit in 10 Easy Steps

How to Become Fit in 10 Easy Steps

How many times have you given up on yourself when it comes to your health? Not just losing weight, getting fit too.

A lot, right? That's because people sell versions of how to become fit that is overly simplistic.

It's not that easy of a process. While we managed to break it down into ten steps, those steps take time.

Read our list of suggestions below.

1. Decide Why You've Failed

All the other times you've tried to get fit and failed, what happened? Don't blame this on someone else. That's too easy.

Figure out what made you fail. Was cutting out a whole food group too much for you? Don't make that mistake again.

2. Find a Solution

Once you know why it didn't work last time, find a solution. How can you prevent yourself from falling into that trap again?

Some people can't keep certain foods in the house. Others always have a healthy snack on them. You'll know what's best for you.

3. Get Rid of Temptations

If you live in a house by yourself, get rid of the foods you don't want to eat. Donate them to a friend or family member, don't throw them away.

If you have a family that likes to eat unhealthy foods, what are some better choices for all of you?

4. Prep Your Plan

Sit down and look at your goals. What are the challenges you see that could come up? Plan around those.

Do you have a vacation? Research the options they have for you to stay fit while you're out of town.

5. Prep Your Mindset

Let's talk about timing. You're not going to lose weight or get fit in a month. You're looking at a three to six-month journey, in the shortest.

Make sure your brain understands that a lack of immediate results doesn't mean you should give up.

6. Find Alternatives

What food could you absolutely not live without? Right now, Google "[that food] healthy version."

Try out recipes of different ways you can make your favorite food but not break the calorie bank.

7. Find Motivation

What accountability can you set up for yourself? Do you have a friend who will help you stay the course?

You can even find them online. Or assign yourself one! Pick someone who's always at the gym when you are and tell yourself they expect you to be there.

8. Stay Prepared

Taking ten minutes a week to look at upcoming challenges and meal prep (or at least plan) will keep you sane.

It's worth the time, believe us.

9. Stay the Course

Do you want to stop starting over? Stop giving up on yourself! You won't see immediate results, but you'll see less if you quit.

10. Be Patient

If you're not feeling your best or didn't immediately drop 80 pounds, don't freak out. Remember that things take time and be kind to yourself.

How to Become Fit

With these ten tips on how to become fit, anyone of any size can start their journey.

It's all about being consistent, kind, and determined to reach your goals. There are products and services you can access for help along the way.

If it helps, we believe in you!

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