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Future Clothing

Future Clothing: Why the Next 10 Years of Clothes Will Smash the Last 10

The majority of luxury fashion designers are struggling to adapt to the digital era. Some 70 percent of surveyed fashion investors, executives, and observers are well aware of this fact.

Despite the luxury fashion industry's inability to keep up, the rest of the industry is ahead of the curve. In fact, some industry insiders are so forward-thinking that you wouldn't believe the ideas they're bringing to the table today.

Think we're exaggerating? Not for long.

Check out some of the technological innovations that are going to make our future clothing far surpass anything we've ever worn before.

Clothes Might Actually Keep Us Warm or Cool

How warm does your winter coat actually keep you? And how drafty do your summer threads keep you when the sun is beating down on you?

Your clothes do their best. But they're about to be outdone.

Some innovators have begun developing clothes with built-in body temperature controls. You can think of these threads as clothes with miniature HVAC systems built into their cores.

You can expect some of these clothes to be so intuitive that they'll be able to detect your body temperature and adjust accordingly. So if you get too cold outside? Your gloves or coat might immediately start warming you up.

Your Jeans Will Call an Uber for You

Ah, Uber. It came into our lives so suddenly, dethroning taxis and other traditional means of transportation everywhere.

And now we're about to start carrying it around in our back pockets. Well, sort of.

Developers are working on creating jeans that will allow us to call Ubers by interacting with the fabric itself. We'll also be able to take selfies and play with our phones in other ways.

Just think of these jeans as cell phones that make your butt look good as well. Who wouldn't want to take a selfie in those jeans?

Future Clothing Might Change Colors...While You're Wearing It

Imagine waking up one morning and deciding to wear a little black dress for the day. Now imagine getting tired of that look a couple of hours after you leave your house.

In the future, that won't be a problem.

Because you'll be able to turn your little black dress into a little red dress or little fuchsia dress. And making the switch will be as easy as using an app on your phone.

Or, as it turns out, using an app on the fabric of your jeans.

You'll Be Able to Print Your Clothes

We've all heard of 3D printers by now. But much of what we've heard about them has had little to do with fashion.

Until now.

Some designers are now printing entire collections via 3D printers. While printing clothing currently takes hours, designers project that they'll be able to print clothing in mere minutes in a few years.

And, eventually, you'll be able to purchase and print these styles right from your living room. Talk about convenient custom-made designs.

Are You Ready for the Clothing of the Future?

So who's ready for the clothing of the future? We personally can't wait for these future clothing styles to hit the shelves. We'll be the first ones in line.

And speaking of future clothing...

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Why? Because talking about the future of clothing puts us in a good mood.

Now go ahead. Shop away and start working on your futuristic wardrobe.